According to allopathic medical doctors, I was suffering for years from gastroparesis - partial paralysis of the stomach, and of the intestines affecting the normal spontaneous motility of the digestive system. I was unable to eliminate at all and was given harsh laxatives. My body would throw up my food after eating. I was very weak, my hair was falling out, my skin on my face was shedding, my iron and vitamin D levels were very low, my cortisol level terrible. I was plain miserable at the young age of 19 years old. After no results with medical doctors, I went to naturopathic doctors. According to them, I was suffering from chronic stress, adrenal fatigue and SIBO/IBS. They gave me other harsh laxatives, helped me feel somewhat better, but I was spending too much money on supplements with no real cure. I also consulted psychics and healers to no avail. This went on for approximately five very hard years.

My experience with my first "reading" with Liliana was very shocking and healing. Nothing can prepare you for a reading with Liliana because she is something else. Liliana is by far one of the most, if not the most educated, advanced, skilled, and effective individual in medical intuition and energy medicine. You will be amazed at all of what you learn about yourself and how your own negative thoughts and patterns are actually contributing to your illness. My illness was symbolic and it was God sending me a message letting me know that I needed to let go of the past, redirect my life, and focus on positivity and growth.

I embarked on an amazing journey of self healing and personal growth - Liliana's Energy Makeover. I was completely astonished to discover the harm I had inflicted upon my own self. I was oblivious and did not know any better. I learned that we could communicate with our own bodies. I had no idea that you could talk and receive responses from your body. I soon discovered that my digestive system was extremely sad. It told me that it suffered very much. My digestive system felt unloved and I was constantly feeding it negative thoughts about food and my body weight that, one day, it just decided to completely shut down and reject food, as well as stop elimination. I soon started talking to my digestive system and asking it to forgive me and so on. I applied daily the effective energy medicine techniques Liliana taught me, and completely made-over my energy system and my life. After only three weeks of spiritual personal work and energy self-healing work on my digestive system, I was able to eat very well, digest very well, and eliminate perfectly with no laxatives of any kind. I couldn't believe that after years of so much suffering and going to countless doctors I was finally healed!

My healing and transformation did not stop there. I was eager to change my whole life and perspective, kept working with Liliana and transformed myself into a completely different person. Everybody around me started noticing the difference. It was a difference that they could not possibly put into works. I was and still am in excellent health, radiating divine light, energy, and confidence. My transformation will never stop. I want to keep learning and constantly becoming the best next version of myself. Reading Liliana's book Love, Energy & Miracles helped me dive deeper into what energy medicine is and it allowed me to connect on a personal level with myself. This is an excellent book that is very profound, yet concise and simple. Simplicity is a gift and and art, not many people can make complicated topics look simple. I also attended some of Liliana's lectures and they were amazingly crafted with valuable information that comes from the heart, and with practical exercises. Nobody comes out from her lectures feeling like they wasted their time. The way Liliana delivers her messages is simple, innovative, engaging, and accessible to all.

Liliana is a true gift from GOD and the Universe. She is extremely humble, loving, and smart. She goes above and beyond to help you heal and take you to that next level of awareness/ chapter in your life. I have never met someone so dedicated, giving, and connected to God as Liliana. She is a rare breed and there is not a single day that I do not thank God for putting Liliana in my life. She has dedicated more than half of her life to fine-tuning her skills and abilities. Her background in medicine and research combined with intuition, energy medicine and spirituality are an outstanding combination. I recommend Liliana to every single person living on this Earth. Words cannot explain how truly amazing this individual is. I wish everyone would be able to at least have one session with her. One session is more than enough to transform your life. I can attest to that, I experienced it myself.

I love you, Liliana! God bless you and thank you for everything.

April Leyva
Higher Education
Orange County, California

I had been dealing with an extremely debilitating health condition for over 20 years. This affected my personal and professional life in a very severe way. I was constantly exhausted, very skinny, and had to stay in bed most of the time. I could barely move, could not eat, and I felt that I did not want to live like this anymore.

Over the years, I have been to a multitude of doctors, holistic practitioners, healers and so on. The diagnosis was chronic fatigue followed by depression. No wonder, when one feels terrible all of the time for years they get depressed, too. No one seemed to know the cause of my symptoms, nor been able to help me get relief.

That is until I met Liliana. With her unique clairvoyant gifts and knowledge - from medicine to metaphysics - she was able to identify the energetic root causes that lead to the cascade of severe health problems. From her clairvoyant energetic assessment she concluded that my adrenal glands were energetically depleted which suggested possible adrenal fatigue (not chronic fatigue). Also, the energetic depletion of the other endocrine glands suggested possible extensive endocrine imbalance.

Liliana could "see" me as a whole which enabled her to aid me in a way that no one else could. She referred me immediately to good doctors specializing in endocrinology for medical testing (which confirmed adrenal fatigue and extensive endocrine disturbances) and treatment (with hormones and supplements), as well as to a homeopathy and nutrition consultant.

In addition, Liliana worked with me to restore my energetic configuration and balance, while in the same time teaching me the techniques of energy awareness, extrasensory perception and the skills of energy management and energy hygiene.

Liliana has extraordinary integrity and compassion as well as an extraordinary knowledge of the human being/body from a multidimensional level; these traits are what set her apart. With great confidence I have recommended her to my family and friends because of the accuracy of her clairvoyant assessments and the superior quality of her consultations, mentoring sessions and workshops.

She has been a champion for my full recovery and has empowered me with practical intuitive and energetic healing techniques and tools for spiritual transformation, while strongly insisting that in the same time I also get the best of what western medicine has to offer.

My health and hope have been restored and I am truly grateful for Liliana and her incredible wisdom.

Kristi Marie
Los Angeles, California

I am a middle aged man, Information Technology Consultant. I had several sessions with Liliana.

She is pleasant, easy to talk to, very patient and open to any kind of questions. I sought her help in an attempt to find solutions for several issues regarding myself and my family members.

Liliana's approach is comprehensive and astonishingly accurate. Being trained as a physician and researcher, she has significant comparative advantage over most other healers capable of energy reading. She accurately explained in proper medical terms conditions that she saw and then she further explored for relationships, emotions and spiritual issues she saw linked to the problems that I was not even aware of.

Her energetic remedy applied from a distance for my heart problem worked as a miracle. I felt a way much better, fully physically fit as never before in my life.

My previous diagnosis by my cardiologists indicated a hole in my heart (which I was born with) that gave me problems in my daily life. I was told that surgical intervention would be required.

Later, after Liliana's work, repeated thorough diagnostic tests showed a completely different situation. I was told surgery would not be necessary since the problem did not exist anymore. The cardiologists were extremely surprised.

Liliana remotely evaluated health problems of some of my relatives who live in Europe. Without being given any information except the first name of my relatives she was able to pinpoint accurately physical and psychological problems. Her suggestions how to correct the issues were very practical and helpful.

I am very thankful to Liliana for her help and I recommend her whenever I can.

Semir Mehmedovic
Information Technology Consultant
Los Angeles, California

After having experienced myself the miraculous effect of Liliana's energy therapy which healed my serious bone infection due to an infected tooth implant, I asked her help for treating energetically my father's eye condition.

My father is a young 88 years old, who was previously a very active person. After his retirement he spent his time reading and writing books, working in his garden and taking trips by himself in different mountain regions of the country. Since this spring, however, his vision started deteriorating at a very rapid pace. The ophthalmologists we consulted made it clear that he has a rapidly progressing case of AMD (age related macular degeneration) in both eyes, an untreatable condition leading to complete blindness in a couple of months.

My father could no longer see and became depended of care, as he could not walk without stumbling. His subsequent immobilization in a chair started affecting his body's mobility, as muscle and joint functions fail if unused. Both, my sister and I were extremely anxious seeing our father in this condition. He became depressed for perceiving himself as being a burden to the family.

It was at that moment that I contacted Liliana asking for her help. After almost three months of energetic treatment, my father can see and read again his newspapers. We went again to see the ophthalmologist. The doctor was very surprised to see that my father has only "very slight signs of AMD" in one eye only. Because his sight has been improving, my father resumed walking and taking trips by himself to spa resorts in the mountains, slowly recovering from his joint stiffness and gaining an increasing desire to enjoy the golden days of his life.

We are extremely grateful to Liliana for making possible for my father to regain his sight and quality of his life and we both pray to God to give her the strength and inspiration to facilitate miracle healing to so many people in need.

Luminita Labusca Simion, M.D., Ph.D.
Orthopedic Surgeon
Iasi, Romania

I have worked intensively with Liliana to turn my life around and it has been more fun than I ever thought possible! Her personality is patient, nonjudgmental, inspiring, unfailingly positive, optimistic, joyful and uplifting. She has a great sense of humor.

I was making myself physically sick with negative thinking and unbridled anger and fear. These were deeply ingrained patterns of which I was unaware. Due to a tragedy that lasted many years, I had lost the ability to connect to the Divine. This resulted in perpetual confusion. For 20 years, I was on a mission to fix myself and I tried tons of different healing modalities (from conventional Western medicine to various alternative and complementary methods), with minimal results.

The initial, long and detailed, reading boggled my mind. How could she just meet me and understand me better than anyone ever has? Liliana's initial reading was more helpful than years of psychotherapy because she has a level of intuitive insight and energy awareness that I have never encountered. She is incredibly accurate in her senses and impressions.

When I first started working with Liliana, my energetic system was in a shambles. Through the Energy Makeover, she showed me how to work on myself and it's amazing how many things I can fix myself. Her approach is extremely customized for each client. She has an uncanny ability to identify the insidious mental habits that were holding me back and advise me how to recognize the maladaptive behavior and correct course.

Liliana showed me how to repair and improve my connection to the Divine so I can get my own answers. She empowered me to reconnect with God. This is the most valuable gift of all.

After working with Liliana, I notice the following benefits: I feel like a new person; I am in a good mood; I now stop myself from getting angry or at least from staying angry; fear is not the problem it once was; the results of my laboratory tests have been fantastic; my relationships have improved dramatically.

When I see people I have not seen in months, they say things such as the following: "You have an aura of happiness and peace around you, which I've never seen before"; "You look like you're growing younger"; "You've never looked better."

Why is Liliana so effective? She quickly identifies the root(s) of the problem and fashions a creative solution to address it intuitively and energetically.

I am grateful to Liliana for her brilliant intuitive insights and energy analysis, her dedication and patience in empowering and teaching me the skills of energy medicine, and the joy and inspiration she has brought to my life.

Los Angeles, California

Liliana is an extraordinary person - knowledgeable, ethical, dedicated, generous, altruistic... My respect for her work and accomplishments as a medical intuitive and energy healer has grown tremendously over time as I have personally witnessed several amazing, life-saving shifts that were triggered and supported by her work. Those were my close friends and family members I referred to her when conventional medicine, in their opinion, was not giving satisfactory results and they were losing hope. She was able to improve their overall health - mental, emotional, spiritual, relational - not only physical disorders. Some examples of the cases of healing through Liliana's intuitive and energy work, which I have witnessed, are:

Fast resolution of severe case of asthma that lasted for decades and was heavily medicated;

Clinical recovery (objective & subjective symptoms) and improvements in laboratory tests in a person who was experiencing rejection of kidney transplant while on immunosuppressive therapy;

Significant improvement of overall health in a person with post traumatic depression and diverse gastrointestinal symptoms;

Almost complete healing (within 4 and a half months) in a person with severely debilitating genetic illness that lasted for decades with consequent chronic osteomyelitis (bone infection), muscular atrophy, wounds on both soles, severe ankle and knee pains, gall bladder and digestive disorders, irregular heart rhythm, etc.;

Significant improvement of anemia and other pertinent laboratory results in a person with celiac disease and thyroid condition, restoration of emotional health and relationship harmony;

Fast improvement of symptoms of long lasting viral infection in an infant, with complete resolution in 3 days.

The information Liliana shares is unique! She does not only work on people, but with people, teaching them the intuitive and energetic techniques, empowering them to become independent and know how to work on themselves, and how to support the process of healing and transformation.

I am grateful to Liliana as a friend and as a teacher who recognized my openness to studying medical intuition and energy medicine. Liliana has introduced me to a new world of scientific possibilities. I look forward to further scientific research of that world together with Liliana.

Jasmina Jankicevic, M.D., M.Sc.
San Jose, California

Before I contacted you, Liliana, I felt worried, fears inside me, fighting with negative emotions inside my head, sometimes didn't know where I go in life, jobs, purpose, preoccupied with past and future. I felt terrible for years, medical treatments did not help. On a scale from 1 to 100 (100 being perfect) I was 15.

After receiving your energy work from a distance, I feel comfortable, full of love, positive energy, thinking everything as a joy, as a pleasure. Even if other feelings sometimes occur, I stay positive most of the time, my soul is open for love and peace. I correct my thinking and images that come to my mind, staying positive and having positive visualizations, spreading positive energy around me. I am aware of my energy and focused on creativity.

In the period of time when you, Liliana, started energy interventions I prayed every day that my body would receive positive energy because I needed it. I needed to awake positive energy flow inside me. I realize now what positive energy is, it is Divine love that blesses my soul through an other soul who blesses me. On a scale from 1 to 100, I am now a 95.

D. T.
Web Site Designer
Korcula Island, Croatia

You are a phenomenon! The dental surgeon exclaimed while gazing at my most recent dental X-ray. Couple of months earlier, he decided he must remove my dental implant due to an extensive jaw bone infection, remove the diseased tissues, fill the hole with synthetic bone, wait for a couple of months for everything to heal and further insert a different type of dental implant after the healing was completed.

He could not believe his eyes when seeing my new radiograph. The infection was not visible anymore and the hole in the bone almost completely disappeared. The energetic treatment Lilliana performed, and also taught me how to implement on myself, proved to be miraculous. The remote intervention (over the ocean, since I was travelling between Romania, Germany and Ireland at the time) not only made the pain and discomfort disappear but saved me from a quite complicated, costly, lengthy, two stages surgical procedure.

I am a MD myself (orthopedic surgeon actually) fully aware of the threat of a bone infection, its devastating effects and its unfortunate outcome when it affects the jaw. I must confess, even though I am myself a practitioner of energetic healing, I was completely amazed to see the undeniable X-ray result.

Lilliana taught me the shamanic body talk technique of energetic self assessment and self healing. I do not use any drugs ever since. What can be better than not having to take pills and being able to counteract almost any physical problem in little time, just allowing your body to communicate its specific needs? What can be better than being able to cope with long tiresome work hours or jet lag? It can be almost everything one needs to enjoy long lasting well being.

Still, there is more than this. I was never a confident person; I even felt suspicious and awkward when I was receiving compliments or congratulations for my achievements. The special grounding technique, the energetic cleansing and recharging of my basal chakra Liliana taught me to implement on myself created an almost magical life makeover for me. I feel, act and behave with confidence, being completely aware of my own capabilities. All of a sudden people seem to notice me more, greet me or sim ply are there whenever I need something. This powerful feeling of being connected to the earth, free of negative emotions, and having a solid base for personal evolution, is really a life changer.

Thank you, Liliana, you really made me discover myself.

Luminita Simion, M.D., Ph.D.
Orthopedic Surgeon
Iasi, Romania

I was searching for a medical intuitive and Liliana's website really spoke to me, in how comprehensive and detailed she is. I've always believed that there is an emotional/ psycho-spiritual component to any illness and most definitely with interstitial cystitis, which gave me several years of tremendous, frequent bladder pain, severe bleedings and many medical emergency room episodes when only morphine helped me.

I had a very powerful, long and comprehensive session with Liliana. She not only "read" my energetic system, physical body, relationships, emotions, past lives, etc. but also worked on me energetically, gave me recommendations, and also taught me the energy techniques to work on myself.

I have felt such relief from pain in my body and more peace and less anger immediately after the session. That is what I've noticed the most, that I feel less angry about this condition and I have pretty much felt normal in my bladder since the intensive initial reading/ energy session we did.

One of the biggest things that stood out to me, was that she said my bladder's feelings are "hurt" that I am so upset and angry with it. My bladder is trying very hard to work and heal and it's important to encourage my bladder to get well, and tell my bladder how much I love and appreciate it. Wow, that was a true revelation for me, realizing I was holding so much resentment towards my bladder and hurting it!

I have been talking to my bladder lovingly and sending it encouragement, healing light and energy (cleansing and recharging it energetically daily). We really don't realize the power of our words, thoughts and emotions and how literally they affect our physical bodies.

I think it is very important not only to work with medical doctors and get "diagnosed" and take supplements and medicines, but also to look at the emotional and spiritual components of the illness and get energy work to restore your energy system and kick start your healing. In other word to have a complete, integrative approach to healing - physical, energetic, mental, emotional, spiritual.

I am still amazed at how much better I'm feeling after the session with Liliana!

Amy B.
Manager of Cultural Exchange Program
Sydney, Australia

I worked with Liliana over the phone from Europe and the days immediately preceding and directly after the session were noteworthy. I experienced a heightened sense of energy and connection to the world around me, a real sense of engagement and positive expectation. The phone session was a deeply relaxing and healing experience, the significance of which went beyond the dialogue itself to a place of deeper understanding and awareness. Immediately subsequent to the session with Liliana some physical ailments that I had been experiencing for a number of years resolved themselves. In short, the session was deeply soothing, profoundly moving and had lasting, tangible benefits in my life.

Finn Mac Manus
Doctoral Candidate/ Psychologist
Dublin, Ireland

From the moment that you, 6 months ago, started the long distance energetic healing on me I feel great.

Before the energetic treatments I had frequent spasms and pains in my stomach - now I do not have any of these; before I had a very heavy menstrual cycles that lasted 5 days, now they are shorter and much lighter; before I had absolute heart arrhythmia with extra systoles and now 80% of those problems are gone; before I had extremely severe pains in my joints - ankles and knees - that lasted for years, now the pains disappeared.

Thank you so, so, so much.

Dragica Radenkovic
Belgrade, Yugoslavia

I met Liliana in May 2012. At that time I was very weak and thin as I was coming from a year of many severe challenges from a rare lung disease I was diagnosed with in 1994 including large accumulations of fluid in my abdomen which required frequent drainage. The quality of my life was tremendously affected. I had months of decreased appetite to the point that I needed intravenous (IV) nutrition for a year. I was also having a slow recovery of my energy after a broken hip.

Liliana's initial reading was very long and detailed and elucidated the emotional correlations of my condition that had to do with things from the past. I have worked on the phone with Liliana for 7 months now, first weekly and then monthly. She did clairvoyant chakra and aura assessments each time, worked on me energetically, and also guided me through specific visualization exercises to add to my daily self healing routine.

My energy configuration/flow in my body has greatly improved which has increased my body strength and stamina. I'm able to take all my nutrition by mouth and enjoy most foods, resulting in gaining and maintaining my weight. Although not completely normal, my lung function has improved. I was able to travel by plane twice for 5 hours each time without needing supplemental oxygen. I've also been able to take road trips and walk a 5 K marathon twice, with my wonderful dog. I now enjoy a more normal and fulfilling life with walks at the beach, and an active social and cultural life. My doctors are pleased at how well I am doing. The fluid in my abdomen has decreased some and I have confidence that will continue to be the case as I continue to practice the exercises and be open to the insights.

The distance in miles hasn't been a factor at all in this kind of energy work ! Liliana has clearly empowered me to be an active participant in my healing journey, even in areas I didn't realize needed attention. I find Liliana to be very humble, insightful, compassionate, funny, generous and skilled. All along I've felt supported and cared about as she has offered her highest and best self in our work together. I am grateful Liliana came into my life and deeply value our relationship as well as the healing work we've done and continue to do together.

Shellie Owens, RN
Pediatric Oncology Nurse, retired
Palo Alto, California

I was introduced to Liliana by a friend at a time when I was suffering from intense, severe respiratory issues. After 6 years of declining health I had just gone to the emergency room for the first time in my life. A friend (and medical doctor in her own right) suggested that I talk to Liliana. How I wish I had been introduced to Liliana earlier!

As a bit of background, I am a Christian and generally skeptical of "healers," uses of terms like "chakra," and spiritualist means in general, though I have a deep faith and do believe in God's miraculous intervention. So, I can say that I was skeptical of meeting with Liliana. However, during my first clairvoyant "reading" Liliana spoke to me in truthful ways about how I lived, thought, and loved. Have you ever experienced a sense of deep truth about something or someone? I had that sense with Liliana-she gently confronted me about many things, including things not even my closest friends knew. When we ended our call I felt peaceful, the deep peace that does not come from human love or effort but beyond that. "Peace that passes all comprehension."

Over the next few weeks and now for the past two years I have done regularly the energetic exercises she taught me. Not long after our first meeting, my friends commented to me that I looked radiant. My respiratory health has been remarkable since then, especially given my lifelong history of great difficulties before meeting with Liliana. Perhaps more importantly my soul is richer and stronger.

My husband also has met with Liliana and experienced renewed health after his own life-threatening illnesses. I believe that Liliana has been given a special gift of insight and healing prayer for others and would recommend her to anyone. I hope that many others can experience the healing that I have experienced with her guidance.

Deborah Fields, Ph.D.

Liliana is a healer of the highest level. She is a woman of integrity, sensitivity, and far-reaching intelligence. She has a quicksilver mind and an enormous heart. Trained as a physician/scientist/researcher and informed by quantum physics theory, she integrates modern knowledge with ancient healing traditions (medical intuition, energy medicine, self healing).

Consulting with Liliana brings up the question: what are the real causes of illness? In medical school, we learn that most illnesses are psychosomatic. In Greek, the word psyche means soul (in the Greek myth, Psyche became the personification of soul) and the word soma means body. Soul body. This is the level at which Liliana works. She does soul work and it is deep and thorough.

I've had the privilege to experience a reading and an energy session with Liliana. She was accurate, insightful, effective, compassionate, and educational and I am very interested in further work with her. She commits herself to teaching a client how to develop deeper intuition and self healing.

I've noticed significant progress in a patient who at my recommendation started to work with Liliana to incorporate intuitive and energy techniques into a healing regimen in conjunction with my psychotherapeutic work with her. I believe psychiatry could benefit immensely from the techniques Liliana employs and I look forward to continued collaboration with her.

Nancy Leigh Hillis, M.D.
Palo Alto, California

I am a middle-aged female physician that has studied energy medicine extensively. Having been ill for years with recalcitrant and mysterious symptoms the services if various intuitives have been sought. Liliana's reading was the most comprehensive ever experienced, broad in scope and deep in interpretation.

A great asset is that Liliana is trained as a physician and scientist. This background allows the analysis to be anatomically correct and highly specific, providing an elucidation at a medical level that is rarely achieved by other intuitives.

A description of each chakra is given with a clear interpretation that allows the deepening of the journey of self-exploration. Suggestions for correcting the imbalances are practical and accurate. The reading resonated as deeply true for me.

Also, Liliana reads the energy and psychology of those with whom we are in relationship, and who affect our health and well being, and interprets the interpersonal dynamics. This is fascinating and provides a great deal of food for thought.

The energy body scan is remarkably thorough. Each system and organ is viewed at the level of the tissues and of the function, and correlations with underlying emotional, psychological, and spiritual patterns are presented. The accuracy in very high.

The experience of the reading is fascinating and fun. The information given is of practical value both on a physical level and in enhancing the spiritual path progress. The follow up sessions contain practical instruction in very useful and fascinating techniques of energy work that make a significant difference in my health and life.

Liliana is easy to speak with, accessible and open to questions. In our quest for "Know Thyself" this experience us a unique gift. It is like having a depth photograph taken, a reflection to see oneself in the rare mirror of inner truth.

Valerie G. Davis, M.D.
Dermatologist and Surgeon
New Smyrna Beach, Florida

Liliana's readings and healings were insightful and often astounding in their accuracy. Working with her helped me into a realm of being and believing, where I longed to be.

Since my now 6 year old son's diagnosis, treatment and recovery from a rare childhood cancer, my life has changed in profound ways. The result of working with Liliana is a " new mind ". Her name came up in a conversation with my therapist who was sharing some comments a mathematician friend of hers had about Liliana's work. Based on that, I decided to find out more.

The energy work with Liliana results in very noticeable improvements - physically, energetically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. The connection with and availability of universal energy, and the gift of healing were taught to me. I was able to see changes in my son and myself easily.

Liliana taught me how to bring my heart and spirit into the healing process. That the universal energy that holds us all is waiting to be asked. Liliana is a wonderful teacher, her techniques are accessible, beautiful and very inspiring. Her teachings, meditations, visualizations and prayers will always be a part of my family's healing.

Marian Bach
Full Time Mother
Palo Alto, California

I am an economist with a master's degree in finance and extensive experience working in leadership capacities in major corporations. I am very practical and very skeptical. I have known Liliana for many years socially and a few times I attended her lectures and had a few intuitive/ energetic sessions with her, which helped me with my stress levels and current issues in my life and in business.

Recently, I had a very special session with Liliana which not only surprised me, but also made me very emotional and very happy. To my great amazement, I was able to converse fluently, through Liliana, with the spirits of 8-9 deceased family members of mine, and also a friend's son who passed away recently. Liliana presented to me such large amounts of precise information that only I could have known. This proved to me that, indeed, I was in contact with precisely the persons whom I intended to speak with. The connection happened at will, instantaneously, and the dialog was easy, fluent, clear and personal, like a telephone line. Liliana even demonstrated to me that I can do this with practice, too.

Liliana is a skilled intuitive with an extensive and varied educational background, who works with integrity and passion in the fields of intuition and energy. I am eager to learn more from her and sincerely recommend her services to others.

K. F.
MBA, Business CFO
Las Vegas, Nevada

I had been out of circulation for four months, due to a serious brain surgery and was only just recovered. I have never had a more accurate and helpful reading in my life. Liliana's manner was extremely professional and to the point, yet sensitive and compassionate. Her readings were very accurate, her insights were remarkable and the healing nature of her work was felt immediately.

Further her insight into my brain condition was very accurate, almost like radar, describing good margins the surgeon had left and the successful nature of the operation in general. The day before, which Liliana also did not know, the surgeon had given me a final MRI and told me of the success of the operation, and that I could now get on with my life.

It was comforting to get an intuitive confirmation from Liliana in regard to the success of the surgery, and also get an insight into the real causes of my illness and recommendations on life style changes and actions to prevent any reoccurrence. I sincerely recommend Liliana for her healing work, life readings and her amazing clairvoyance in general. I felt thoroughly renewed and refreshed.

Ian Merrick
Film Producer/Writer/Director
Hollywood, California

I am a scientist of long standing and for the past twenty years, have had successful research and publishing experience in the field of cancer chemotherapy and other aspects of the cancer problem.

I recently had a long-distance consultation with Liliana Cerepnalkoski in which she read my energies from her home in California, about two thousand miles away and deduced thereby, my total state of health.

I have been very impressed with her level of accuracy for she correctly described even minor details of my present physical, mental and emotional health including aspects she could not have possibly known about by any of the contemporary medical diagnostic equipments available.

She was also able to remotely view the energies of my family members as well just from knowing their first names and with this information, could determine precisely how our energetic interactions affect me and vice versa. Her reading of my family members was very much right on the money and I was amazed how correct she could be.

I am therefore writing this as a testimonial to how accurate Liliana is in her distance reading and thereby discerning of someone's total state of health, as well as in support of the emerging field of energy medicine; which obviously holds so much promise for the future.

Later, Liliana gave a reading to a friend of mine (professor at Iowa University) during which she prompted him to medically check his prostate more frequently, although the doctors told him that there is nothing wrong. He listened, and it turned out that within 1- 2 month prostate cancer was diagnosed, and he was operated successfully before any spread occurred.

An other example is the success she had in distance healing with a relative of mine who suffered of alcoholism for 30 years (he lives on an other continent, and she has never seen him). The result was that he stopped drinking alcohol and smoking cigarettes, cold turkey and without withdrawal symptoms.

I very highly recommend and certainly encourage others to schedule a consultation with Liliana and have the experience of a lifetime.

Joseph O. Nwankwo, Ph.D.
University of Madison Comprehensive Cancer Center
Madison, Wisconsin

As easily as you or I look at a flower or tree, Liliana can access your energy and see the landscape of your soul. When I consulted her about my health challenges, I found her intuitive assessments to be extremely accurate and transformational. She included me as an active participant in the process and further empowered me by teaching me useful, practical tools that I could use in all aspects of my life. ...

[Liliana's] work can help you "heal" at the very deepest levels. She is gifted, compassionate, extraordinarily intelligent and will commit her resources to you 100-percent. Liliana is a true master.

M. Nunez
Former Journalist/ Mother
Los Angeles, California

Liliana is a true healer. She is the real deal! Helpful, talented, dedicated and powerful. It is rare to work with someone who is so professional and grounded in her approach to sharing her well-honed intuitive skills and healing abilities.

She is like a laser of light, able to help you wherever you are in your healing journey. Expect your life to turn around after working with her!

Rev. Laurie Sue Brockway,
Wedding Officiant and Author, Wedding Goddess
New York City, New York

My work with Liliana has helped me to achieve a completely NEW understanding of who I truly am and of my true potential as a human. She has empowered me to take control of my own life and be an active participant in improving and maintaining my energetic configuration.

There is truly great value in working with Liliana. She does not only teach you how to fish, but teaches you how to build fishing poles and teach your own children how to fish ! I plan to teach my little daughter the techniques I have learned from Liliana so that she has an early start in understanding herself, life and the world in a new way, as it was never taught before. I am thrilled to work with Liliana and excited for the opportunities that lie ahead of me, and for contributing to the new Paradigm of living on our planet.

Her work in person and over the phone is equally accurate, meticulous, and thorough. Her ability to read energies is truly amazing. She assesses imbalances and provides you with many practical tools to actively achieve balance. Issues relating to health, relationships, career, spirituality, and personal transformation are precisely identified and addressed in a solution oriented way.

If you are interested in finding out more about yourself and want to take active control over all aspects of your life, I highly recommend a consultation with Liliana.

Thomas Scherzberg, MBA
Business Consultant
Los Angeles, CA

Liliana's sessions were soothing, informative, and flowing. She offered intuitive insight that was quite accurate, and then gave me the tools to relate to my own body and health in a way I could take forward into the future. Liliana's brilliance on all levels of energetic and physical health issues is accompanied by compassion, kindness, and a thoroughness that wakes me up to new possibilities of well being.

Therese Rowley, Ph.D.
Transformational Insights
Chicago, Illinois

I had been involved in a car accident, which made me feel extremely upset although it was only a minor impact. It made me question why I felt this way. Liliana conducted energy scans - addressing physical, emotional, mental and spiritual issues. My energy was low.

Liliana identified issues with the relationships in my life, particularly one personal relationship. She described him in complete detail and the huge imbalance in our relationship as the source of my low energy. I had wanted to end the relationship, but was unable to. After my session with Liliana, I felt empowered, and was able to separate from him peacefully.

Later, I participated in Liliana's energy cleansing plan which restored my spirit. My heart and mind returned to a state where I felt safe and peaceful. At this point I asked Liliana to meet with my ex so that he can benefit from a session with her, too. I watched him become very emotional and open. He expressed much gratitude for meeting Liliana, as it allowed him to move on happily in his own life.

Over the next year, I continued to feel such wonderful energy, very open and alive. I still experienced stresses that comes from my life and work, but was able to handle those situations with a smile, positive energy and without the old concern over what people thought. I continued to consult with Liliana regarding business decisions, and compatibility of employees and associates, and I learned from her practical energy maintenance techniques.

Liliana has given me a wonderful gift - a completely different outlook on life. I am able to make myself a priority, and stay firmly rooted in the present. She has restored my faith, and helped me trust in a power larger the myself. I believe in myself. I value myself. I manage my energies and I appreciate life in a whole new way.

Megumi Eda
Jewelry Designer
Tokyo, Japan

When a friend introduced me to Liliana and urged me to do a medical intuitive reading with her, I was skeptical but naturally curious about both the process and result. However, I decided to do it.

I wish to state that I was extremely surprised by the level of accuracy with which she described the health status of different systems and organs in my body. I had just finished my comprehensive yearly physical exam with my physician and it appeared as if Liliana was looking at my lab results and doctor's report as she discussed the health status of my different systems and organs. To be able to read the health status of my body from a distance of more than a thousand miles left me awe struck and almost in shock.

Even more amazing was her ability to accurately read the general state of health, emotional status, and relationship dynamics of a number of people related to me simply by listening to me mention their names. That totally unnerved me as this was my first and only experience of having someone deliver such an accurate, comprehensive analysis of the dynamics of several complicated relationships in my life and do so from an incredible distance and without even the benefit of photographs.

She then followed this up with comprehensive suggestions to improving my health and the quality of my life, as well as some life style changes that would be beneficial to my health. Everything she said made sense and felt like putting pieces of a jig saw puzzle together to create a meaningful picture.

Liliana is obviously an incredibly gifted medical intuitive whose services can certainly save lives, improve quality of life, and help people enhance the quality of their relationships. I am totally ignorant of the technical applications in this field of work but I know one thing, Liliana 's readings are medically accurate, extremely insightful and very helpful in improving an individual's health status. I recommend her without equivocation.

Dr. Emmanuel Enekwechi
Iowa City, Iowa

I have been so inspired and grateful to experience a consulting session and be acquainted with Liliana as she IS the embodiment of the "healer of the future". Her extensive background of medical and scientific theory coupled with her ability to blend that knowledge with deep intuition and compassion is profoundly moving.

She has the ability to fully participate in the energetic readings and communications with one's body consciousness down to the specific functioning of organs and systems in detail. She holds a healing space for her client with a warm, open heart that creates a feeling of safe heaven; allowing a deep sense of healing and transformation to occur.

I am so happy to be aware that there is a classically trained scientist and intuitive that is able to bring a true level of holism to her clients, by utilizing a deep level of intuitive healing. Liliana is a prototype for integrative healing that is needed in our system. I highly recommend her to any person seeking a better understanding of their body systems and needing a deep insight to any underlying condition. Personally, I think she is absolutely brilliant!

Lisa Renee
Energetic Synthesis
Santa Monica, California

I have a friend, Miros, in Venezuela, and she was very worried because both of her breasts were hurting a lot. They had been swollen and painful for several months already, and they were getting worse. She could not touch them. Miros was very worried because one of her cousins had recently died from breast cancer. Her doctors said that surgery was indicated.

I went to Liliana and told her about Miros' situation. She remotely viewed her condition and started distant healing, teaching me also the techniques and encouraging me to work together with her (I am myself an energy healer and I also took classes with Liliana). Then, I called my friend, Miros, and told her about Liliana's recommendations for her, what to do.

I waited for two weeks to call her again because I thought this healing process would take a while. She told me, " Rosa, I think a miracle has happened, because two days after you called me my breasts did not hurt anymore. Now I can touch them and there is no pain." The doctors examined Miros and said that the surgery is no longer needed. I considered this case with my friend's healing a miracle.

A. Rosa Garren
Reiki Master and Past Life Regression Therapist
Montrose, California

My consultation with Liliana came at a crossroads in my life. Her clarity and insight helped me to strengthen my own and allowed me to move forward in an emotional area with resolve, in a spirit of health, love and forgiveness. The images she provided me wove with my own dream images in a synchronistic fashion that confirmed the truth of her words and the path that I needed to take. I will forever be grateful to Liliana for her courage to provide such consultations that serve to affirm and empower others like myself.

Duanita G. Eleniak, MSW RSW ATR
Psychotherapist/ Art Therapist, University Professor
Vancouver, Canada

Thank you! Thank you ! Thank you !!

I met Liliana at her talk in Palo Alto and I was so impressed by her, that I "had" to reschedule my previous commitments so that I could attend her workshop the following day. It was Liliana's friendly personality and her "energy" that drew me. The techniques she taught during the workshop were simple and effective. She made "intuition" so accessible. I went to the workshop with a nagging pain, which I had for more than a year, and managed to completely get rid of it right there.

The next day, I woke up feeling absolutely at the top of the world, wanting to learn more of what Liliana had to teach and scheduled a reading, which was amazing and then a follow up session, which was even more remarkable. The reading was so precise and insightful. She gave me deep understanding into all levels of me. I am blown away how she penetrated all layers and levels of not only my personality but my soul as well. I feel I have lived a life time since that session and yet it feels like it was yesterday. Liliana's insights, compassionate guidance, and myriad of tools and techniques have been amazing.

This last session has been particularly transforming for me. Her amazing precise techniques are so powerful and like laser, have been cutting through all the debris surrounding certain situations. I have been using them everyday! I just completed a technique she recommended and feel amazingly clear and grounded...Liliana has given me tools for life. I am so grateful for having met her. Hopefully I will be able to be part of the Energy Makeover group continuing to study with her.

Nandini Rao
Software Engineer
Sunnyvale, California

A very pleasant and interesting session with Liliana. The reason why we went was that for the past 6 years no European, nor American doctors (and medical investigations of all kinds - MRI's, endoscopies, etc.) were able to find why my husband, Chris, was in pain.

Without us informing her of details, Liliana was able to pinpoint right away where my husband was suffering. She initiated us into the correlation between the emotional, relational and situational aspects of our lives AND the physical pain. Liliana analyzed me as well and was able to find out how my own symptoms were related to how I see my past and future life.

The parallel she made between our respective pains and our relationship as a married couple was very interesting. She demonstrated how two partners behaviors influence each others well-being, most of the time unconsciously. She was totally accurate in relating our interaction with each other and our body aches. She described in details with a surprisingly correct analysis how Chris and I relate into our daily life, such as on the level of our personal ambitions, our investment in loving one another and ourselves, the appreciation of life as it is, the spiritual side of it, etc.

Liliana suggested solutions and gave practical advice in order to improve our existence as a couple, and as individuals. She was right! After applying, practicing and challenging ourselves by integrating in our daily lives her guidelines, we did find that we were more peaceful with ourselves and respectful to one anothers dreams and life's perception.

Finally, Liliana was able to connect accurately from a distance with our relatives and close ones in Europe. By simply giving her the name of our loved one, she was incredibly able to enlighten us on various levels of their lives, which later they confirmed as being correct.

Prior to meeting Liliana, we had never heard about medical intuition and energy medicine. The various articles she shared with us gave us a perspective on Life that we had no idea about. She initiated us and helped us understand the energetic system of the human body. We are now often looking for more information on the whole subject.

As a person, Liliana was amazingly tender and comprehensive. She put us right away at ease and guided us very gently towards this unknown way of accepting ourselves, our differences and how to improve our lives.

Both Christophe and I found the whole experience with Liliana very useful in terms of knowing ourselves better, accepting ourselves and respecting each other. Our different objectives in life are now approached in a more peaceful manner. Yes, we are glad we had a session with Liliana and are already commending her wonderful input in our lives, as human beings, husband and wife and future parents.

We are very grateful for what Liliana empowered us with. She gave us a practical sense of taking our destiny in our own hands and reminded us the Spiritual meaning of the human existence.

Thank you!

Muriel Redout-Quirin & Christophe Blondeau
Interpreters of Foreign Languages
Los Angeles, California

Liliana invited me to participate in a 3-session case study. I accepted in order to supplement my existing healing regimen, ignite my transformation process, and expand my understanding of energetic medicine under the mentorship of a rare practitioner grounded in medical science and gifted with clairvoyance.

Her assessment of both physical and energetic systems was highly accurate. Her vivid descriptions of the form, function, and quality of expression of the chakras were detailed, informative, poetic, and gave me an expanded sense of Self, but what ultimately manifested over time was a revelation.

Coming from a culture of productivity, we seek healing with specific goals in mind, and forget the dimension of mystery, unknowingness, faith, and surrender to divine will that is the alchemical crucible of this process. I could not predict that those sessions would expand into an ongoing collaborative relationship blossoming over the past 3 years, nor that my personal healing would manifest as a renewed passion for learning, a radical expansion of my perceptual envelope, and a soul commitment to support the unfolding divine plan for planetary evolution. Most importantly, I have experienced the power of Grace, and witnessed personally that all requests for healing automatically catalyze powerful processes in the energetic-consciousness system, that unfold organically with an innate intelligence. What a gift is this knowingness that we are brilliantly designed to naturally, unceasingly evolve!

True healership carries a sacred imperative, since all healing is ultimately a transformational process. Education, experience and assessment ability must be synergized with deep compassion for the challenges of the healing process, skillful communication, and connection to Spirit. Liliana is not only a visionary and pioneer, bridging the scientific and spiritual in her practice - she creates a safe, supportive container for the gracious process of transformation. It is a healing alliance and life-long journey of discovery that I whole-heartedly recommend.

Michelle Waterloo
Los Angeles, California

Liliana has an extraordinary gift of "sight" into the physical and energetic body that transcends the six senses. What is truly amazing is how her energetic reading gave way to insights and clarity into my personal situation. The reading was highly accurate, revealing things that I had known, but had not wanted to closely examine. It helped me make significant changes. It was not only in the description of what she "saw" and conveyed in a manner that was caring and rather poetic, but also the very helpful and practical exercises, visualizations, and rituals she suggested to move and clear negative energies and bring in more positive ones. I was then able to bring about positive change, to re balance and to heal. I would highly recommend her to anyone at a crossroad or seeking change in their life, not knowing where to begin.

Kristie Novak
Honolulu, Hawaii

While preparing for a final exam in my doctoral studies in Natural Health, I was required to interview several names in the alternative/complementary health care field. My interest in medical intuition and energy medicine led me to Liliana. She was most gracious in answering my questions.

I was so impressed, that I decided to attend her lecture. Her diverse background, warm personality and sense of humor were such that I was compelled to set up a consultation with her. Motivated by interest in the field more so than by a specific medical complaint, I nonetheless found that Liliana spoke to my heart, and touched upon truths I was surprised to hear.

Not only is she knowledgeable and skilled in her field, she is a compassionate guide who gently helped me see the significance of what I preferred to ignore. Thank you, Liliana.

Kaya Baltrusaitis
Art Teacher
Los Angeles, California

I had the opportunity to have a reading with Liliana while she was visiting Europe. She had a lot of insight into my personal health and the health of my family members. She was extremely accurate. She amazingly described the real causes of a certain emotional condition of a relative of mine that went back all the way to incidents that occurred in his early childhood, which she was able to "see".

Later, I also received long distance demonstration of how simple intuitive and energetic exercises can positively affect the energy system leading to a healthier and more peaceful life. I have applied these techniques in various stressful situations and have obtained great results. I am extremely interested in learning more.

Roxana Balan
Frankfurt, Germany

A million thanks for your help in my journey toward opening up to all that is beautiful and rich and good. A journey that involves faith and hope and is fueled by imagination and joy.

You have a gift that is contagious. Your compassion, your knowledge, your laughter all combine to create an environment of healing. I feel blessed to have found my way to you.

Alice Fern Pringle
Music/Movement Teacher
Tucson, Arizona

It was with luck that I came across Liliana's name and found her website. Her session was absolutely enlightening and she really took the time to explain every facet of my issues. I came out of our session with so much more energy and feeling lifted as if a heavy weight was removed from my chest. Liliana really shed some light on what was "ailing" me and gave me great advice on how I can move forward. She is a truly gifted healer and medical intuitive. I look forward to having more sessions with her in the future.

Lina Alloca
New Jersey, NJ

I was dealing with a challenging health issue with acute symptoms during an international trip and was unable to make the return flight home. From the distance, Liliana intuitively assessed my situation quickly and accurately. Within 48 hours, with her long distance energetic support, I was able to travel home safely and returned to health. Normally this kind of condition would take 7-10 days for me to recover from.

Also, I have been working with various energy medicine practitioners on a major family issue. In only 2 sessions with Liliana we uncovered the underlying causes of this issue and together made energetic improvements. Within a month, I noticed gradual and significant results in all aspects of my personal and professional life. My community is astonished at the major positive changes in my appearance and all aspects of my life.

I have taken many workshops from various teachers. In Liliana's workshop, I received concrete, practical tools to apply on myself with lasting positive results. I have applied her intuitive and energetic techniques which worked immediately for me before, during and after dental surgery. I had an easy surgery experience and an unusually fast healing and recovery.

I am very grateful and highly recommend Liliana's work.

Christine Rosche, MPH, CNS
Board Certified Nutrition Specialist and Biofeedback Therapist
Palo Alto, California

My diagnosis of cancer in the stomach shocked me and my family and lead to turmoil and fear. The doctors recommended chemotherapy and I followed their advice. In the same time, my son, who attended Liliana's lectures and read her book, adviced me to consult with Lilliana via phone (as I live in Europe) to address this illness in a holistic, integrative way.

I had sessions with Liliana for a few months. I was surprised to witness the accuracy of her intuition, her fascinating methods, and her ability to also teach me how to know myself, and heal myself in all aspects of my being through techniques of energy medicine. I was waiting for each session with great excitement and interest, as I noticed that these sessions were helping me a great deal. I went easily through chemotherapy with very minimal side effects, and maintained a state of emotional/ mental/ spiritual well being. I was full of hope, patience, energy and inner peace and I learned a lot. I understood that this illness was not a tragedy, but an opportunity for me to "wake up", grow, and achieve higher levels of consciousness, different than the state I was in my whole life.

Practices such as meditation, visualization, prayer, positive thinking, techniques of intuitive and energetic medicine, as well as charitable acts of service to humanity, became parts of my daily life. Now, I understand life completely differently. Peace and joy are my predominant states. Liliana guided me into direct experiences of communication with my body, nature and the divine and a personal relationship with Jesus Christ and his Mother Mary - things which before I did not think were possible. The new medical investigations showed that I am completely healed, the cancer disappeared. I feel like I was born into a new life. I have extreme gratitude for Liliana, for her extraordinary help in my healing and transformation.

Doina Ursu
Retired Teacher of French Language
Arad, Romania

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