Liliana's lively, engaging, integrative lectures and Energy Makeover workshops will leave you informed, recharged, inspired and transformed.

Science and Spirituality are merging and the new life paradigm factors Energy into the equation. She explains why ancient healing methods once labeled "myth" are now taken seriously by many scientists and physicians and researched according to the western scientific methods.

Liliana provides audience members spot intuitive readings that offer keen insights into life's challenges. She demonstrates techniques and teaches you how to access your own intuitive power and develop your own subtle energy skills. You can apply this knowledge to cultivate health, vitality, clarity and ease in every area of your life.

You will learn how to cultivate the profound sense of well-being that comes from an optimal energy configuration and connection to God, Earth, Self and all Creation. You will leave her events empowered, knowing that you can master these techniques, even pass them on to your children.

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• Medical Intuition and Energy Medicine: From ancient spiritual traditions to modern scientific breakthroughs

• Prayer as Energy Medicine: Intentionally Creating an Energetic Event on the Vertical

• Energy Management and Energy Hygiene: New paradigm basic life skills

• From Homo Sapiens to Homo Luminosus and Homo Noeticus: Our key to personal transformation and planetary evolution

• Practical Intuition for Everyday Life: Learn how intuitive you already are

• Shamanic Body Talk: Conversing fluently with your body and supporting it's ability to heal itself

• Energetics of Relationships: Learn soul-to-soul communication and energetic balancing to create conscious personal and professional relationships.

All talks are tailored to your group's needs. All subjects above can be presented in workshop format (1-3 days) or as a lecture (1-3 hours).

What Lecture Participants Are Saying:

"Hearing Liliana speak about intuition and energetic medicine, you find yourself gaining new perspectives on health and life and insights into the amazing power that each of us have to heal. Her enthusiasm, her humor, and her vibrant energy were inspiring. She has a wealth of information and expertise that she offers with clear practical instructions. I highly recommend Liliana to anyone interested in working at a very deep level toward greater vitality and joy."

Michelle Sechuk
Interior Designer
Santa Monica, California

"My personal search for wellness and spiritual growth brought me to Liliana. I have always been interested in alternative healing modalities and was particularly intrigued by Liliana's background.

I attended a series of Liliana's lectures and was impressed not only with her fascinating case studies, but also with her powerful, yet loving and supportive demeanor. She walked us through energetic grounding, cleansing and intuitive exercises, and explained that her goal was to empower us by teaching us "energy hygiene and energy management." She encouraged us and assured us that, with practice, we could become self-reliant, properly maintaining our own energy and developing our intuitive skills.

I went on to have an individual session with Liliana that was so profound it is difficult to articulate. The opportunity to connect with someone like Liliana and discuss things that I have only wondered about, to have someone recognize and describe extremely intimate spiritual aspects of myself, my soul's journey, even my current state of health, was amazing! She was so accurate; she deepened my spiritual self-awareness, which in turn renewed my connection to God and my dedication to my life's mission.

I am extremely grateful for what Liliana has shown me and am very much looking forward to continuing my education with her."

Jennifer Iger, M.S.
Certified Genetic Counselor
Los Angeles, California

“The lecture at the Bodhi Tree was an amazing experience. It was life transforming. The information presented opened me up to different possibilities and realms. Liliana's vibrant and vivacious personality comes across brilliantly when presenting energy medicine. She's extremely knowledgeable and comes well versed. I learned more about myself and life in this lecture, than I had in years of searching for answers on my spiritual path. Thank you!”

Santa Monica, California

Energy Makeover Workshop

The Energy Makeover Workshop is an intensive 8 sessions experiential and transformational course in which you will learn the structure and function of the Human Energy System and how to practically use it for well being, improving physical health, creating positive relationships, enhancing creativity, gaining increased mental clarity, and supporting spiritual transformation.

Participants begin with an individual intuitive consultation with Liliana to establish their present energetic status and define developmental goals.

Participants next learn about the chakras, aura, and apply practical intuitive and energetic techniques - Higher Sensory Perception techniques and assessment methods, developing energy hygiene and energy management/maintenance skills and creating personal energy system changes (an "energy makeover").

The teaching is done in a personalized strategy to develop a refined sense of energy self awareness and create personal change, using practical tools such as clairvoyant meditation, visualization, conscious breathing exercises, prayer, colors, sounds and aromas.

This course empowers you to mediate a new relationship between your inner essence and your outer life, creating personal power through multi-sensory development, and ease in navigating the soul's journey. It includes completing of assigned "home work" which consists of practical intuitive and energetic exercises and reading of related materials.

In the quest to "know thyself", this program is a "spiritual finishing course" for the awakening human being, providing the theoretical understanding and practical techniques that were not taught to us by family, school, society. It is an empowering journey of self discovery, self mastery, self healing and self transformation.

The Energy Makeover workshop is presented in 2 ways:

1) Small Groups - 20 participants

a) In Los Angeles, 8 weeks, one 3 hour session per week.

b) Other locations nationally and internationally

• Retreat, one 3 hour session per day, 8 consecutive days.

• Intensive, two 3 hours sessions per day, 4 consecutive days.

The individual private intuitive consultation will be done in person, if feasible, or on the phone, prior to the workshop.

Please contact Liliana if you have a group and want to schedule a workshop

2) Individual, Private Mentoring - in person (Los Angeles office), or on the phone (nationally and internationally). 8 weeks, one 2 hour session per week.

What participants are saying:

Two years ago, when I first benefited from Liliana's energetic treatment, the very foundation of my medical professional prejudice has been seriously shaken. A dental surgeon decided that he must remove my dental implant due to an extensive jaw bone infection, remove the diseased tissue, fill in the hole with synthetic bone, wait a couple of month for everything to heal and then insert a different type of dental implant. After a short series of energetic treatments with Liliana, during which she also taught me the techniques so that I can be an active participant in my healing, my condition dramatically improved and the above mentioned surgeries were no longer necessary. The dental surgeon exclaimed: "this is a real miracle". On the X-ray the infection was not visible anymore and the hole in the bone disappeared.

Even though I was exposed to energetic therapy studies before, as an orthopedic surgeon my capability of accepting that a serious bone infection could heal by means of non operative procedures, was extremely limited. The rapid clinical and radiography improvements left us (me and my dental surgeon) astonished in a very positive way. However, this astonishment was relatively small compared to the one that I experienced two years later, after completing the Energy Makeover series with Liliana on the telephone. My entire self image, false beliefs, misconceptions, have been continuously challenged. After having completed the sessions, I feel like I was born again. Day by day I found myself reacting to every day events, stress and work, in a way I was never able to do before.

I do not remember ever being more at peace with myself, at peace with everything around me, ready to experience new things and carry on with daily duties, then now. Moreover, I experience a continuous state of inner silence, unmediated joy, well being and protection. The maximum satisfaction I get is when I clearly perceive myself radiating calm, joy and confidence which is obviously influencing people around me - family, patients, even people I meet on the street. Also, I received positive results from a health check up and from a job application in only one week after completing the Energy Makeover.

Aside from being a very pleasant experience (Liliana has a divine voice and a very charming presence) the Energy Makeover sessions were the best gift I ever offered myself. They completely transformed me in a new, radiant, optimistic, healthy and successful person, beyond my highest dreams. The only sorrow I have is not having met Liliana earlier in my life.

Luminita Labusca Simion, M.D., Ph.D.
Orthopedic Surgeon
Associate Professor
Iasi, Romania

As I was searching for ways to improve my life into an easier, more fulfilling one, Liliana was placed on my path. Her knowledge is amazing. While I was in Los Angeles, we had Energy Makeover private sessions in person, and when I went back to Canada, we did sessions by phone. I find both ways equally effective.

She has taught me ways of using and developing my intuition, but mainly I learned about the human energy system, and how to manage it. It has been a great discovery for me.

After an important surgery, with the greatly appreciated, long distance energetic support of Liliana and using the effective techniques she taught me, I am healing surprisingly fast.

There is more to life than what our eyes can see. I'm thankful to have met Liliana. It has been a positive, eye opening experience with positive effects on my life, myself and by ricochet on others in my life.

Marie Guerette
Interior Designer
Quebec, Canada

I came across Liliana by "chance", searching for further help to resolve my physical problems after several accidents. Over the last 20 years I tried whatever medicine had to offer, but nothing helped me. I also looked into many alternative and complementary treatments...

I had a reading with Liliana which was accurate in every detail. I decided to continue to work with her (do the Energy Makeover workshop in private phone sessions, from my home in Europe) and I can only say that it is an experience of its own dimension.

The effectiveness of the intuitive and energy techniques used on various levels (energetic, mental, emotional, spiritual) as well as on my physical body and my health problems were impressive right after the first session. What also improved over the next sessions is that I became even more aware of my own energies and most importantly learned to manage them on a daily basis. I feel empowered and not anymore dependent on someone else as I did with energy treatments before...

Liliana helped me to develop my own clairvoyance, clairaudience, clairsentience, claircognizance and mediumship so that I can use them for myself and my clients.

Working with Liliana was a great pleasure, very easy (she stays calm, very present and aware of what is going on) and it is also fun at the same time. In my opinion, these techniques need to become part of medicine, and should be also taught to everyone to empower them.

If you are curious about yourself and you want to do yourself something good, I can only recommend a session/ workshop with Liliana.


Participating in Liliana's Energy Makeover group workshop was an eye-opening experience. It gave me the opportunity to live life with new awareness. I use her intuitive and energetic techniques daily which leads to visible improvements in various areas of my life. We learned more in a few weeks with Liliana then in years of study with others.

Liliana makes the mastery of intuitive and energetic skills easy, practical and accessible to modern day people. You do not have to be a yogi in the caves of Himalaya to achieve significant progress on your transformation path. She helped us access the spiritual side of ourselves and develop our latent abilities and potentials, in a very pleasant and light-hearted atmosphere. I highly recommend her work.

Masumi Urakami, M.M.
Concert Pianist/ Piano Instructor
Tokyo, Japan

After experiencing weeks of unusual exhaustion, a terrible toothache, agonizing stomach pains and an inability to eat, I decided to call Liliana. I went to a physician I trust and to the dentist but I was told that there was nothing wrong with me. The x-rays were normal and I was a perfectly healthy woman, still, I felt quite terrible. I was physically and emotionally miserable and as a working mother of two toddlers, I needed to be optimally healthy.

When I met with Liliana, she did a full clairvoyant energy "body scan" and revealed to me things that I had been aware of, like my weak knee and the quality of my fibroids. She tuned into my total state of physical, energetic, mental, emotional and spiritual health, my relationships and life situations and revealed to me an interesting and completely new dimension.

Her reading showed me not only that I was creating my condition but how I was creating it. This was a shock to me because I am not a passive person in my wellness. I have a traditional spiritual practice, a helpful therapist, supportive friendships, good doctors and good habits, however, Liliana's insight into events, relationships and patterns of my entire life showed me a different angle. Her insight proved to be, not only accurate, but helpful. A session with Liliana is different than therapy or going to my doctor. I wasn't talking about my body or telling her what was wrong or confessing. Liliana was viewing my energetic system, life, relationships and body and expressing to me what she saw. Everything that she witnessed made sense.

When I sat with the truth of the first reading I decided to invest in myself and explore what she had to offer in her Energy Makeover private mentoring series. After my first reading (which started with prayers and concluded with implementation of an energy technique which put me in a total state of tranquility, like a wonderful trance) I felt complete and lasting relief from my physical pains. Completing the transformational Energy Makeover series, I learned practical tools to maintain all the improvements I felt.

I am so deeply thankful for this healing. Liliana encourages her clients to seek care from their physicians. Her insights are in tandem with good medical care. I am ever thankful for my work with her. It has been a profound blessing and a GRAND awakening.

Cynthia Alicia Flores
College Professor
Pasadena, California

I sought out the services of Liliana for a problem that did not have a medical diagnosis - I had developed extreme tiredness. I was very tired from my first moments awake and did not have energy to do anything required of daily life except to go to work. I had lost weight due to this fatigue. I am a Registered Nurse and did not see any symptoms of a disease, but I went to my doctor and had tests which showed nothing.

I heard of Liliana and contacted her. She is a very warm, genuine person and a very accurate intuitive. She told me many things about my life and my health in detail. We worked together for several sessions doing an "Energy Makeover" over the phone, during which she taught me to repair the accumulated damage to my energy system. She also taught me to be very grounded, to use different methods to protect myself against negativity, and to be in touch with my spirituality.

Our sessions were very effective and not only my energy but many other aspects of my life experience improved. I had previously had several tense relationships which became much more smooth, and the relationship with my son improved dramatically, too. I feel like my quality of life has improved quite markedly in several areas through these Energy Makeover sessions.

Liana Patterson, R.N.
Registered Nurse
Boulder, Colorado

I was having trouble passing my medical specialty boards. It was not a matter of a lack of knowledge base, I was overanxious. In spite of knowing this, I was not able to get past my block, though I had tried a number of avenues of intervention, including psychotherapy. Liliana offered help. After work with her, I took the exam and I told Liliana that I was sure that I had once again failed. She said confidently, "No, I sense the energy, and I believe you have passed." She was right, it turned out.

Many years latter I came to another roadblock that seemed impossible. I thought to reach out to the person who had helped me create what was, for me, a miracle in my life. I needed a miracle now. I had been trying to have a child using IVF. I felt helpless after the third failure and I contacted Liliana again. We acknowledged here that God determines the outcome and we acknowledged His will and wisdom, "Thy will, not mine, be done". I read her book, Love, Energy and Miracles and loved the power and sweetness of that little tome. Liliana offered me her Energy Makeover, and I accepted, believing that there were benefits to be had quite apart from what ever may or may not happen regarding plans for pregnancy.

What I received was greater clarity regarding my intentions, opening of ideas, resolution of issues in relationships with my self and others, an increased ability to care for myself. I had a greater self knowledge as new ideas and revelations came to me. Sometime after the work, I continue to see unfolding benefits with growing happiness, and greater harmony with others. There is less struggle, and a growing sense of peace as I continue to use the tools that I learned from Liliana. Oh, and the plans regarding fatherhood through IVF? We have now had three sequential positive pregnancy tests and we are waiting for our first ultrasound, thanks be to God!

Lilianna is a gifted woman who is a radiant channel of God's love and grace. A truly remarkable woman.

Alphonse Daniel Osinski, MD
Child Psychiatrist
New York, NY

It is hard to put into words the gratitude that I feel for having met Liliana. She "opened my vision" and new doorways of awareness for me. Her extraordinary Energy Makeover teachings are inspiring, motivating and most of all very effective.

Her startlingly intuitive accuracy, her professionalism, her gentle refreshing presence and reassurance have helped me to open myself, to embrace and apply on daily basis her clairvoyant visualization techniques. The outcome for me - not having health problems - is subtle yet permanent and positive, resulting in personal self-empowerment plus transformations at a physical, emotional and spiritual level. Peace of mind, detachment and appreciation are my new states of mind now. I also applied the techniques for family members with health problems and incredible improvements were achieved.

Thank you, Liliana, for sharing your gift so generously!

Marius Claudiu Calaican
Engineer and Graphic Designer
Long Beach, CA

Liliana is a gifted, ethical and professional intuitive and healer. Her medical and research background were an important factor which made me decide to work with her. I did not have any physical symptoms when I began my work with Liliana. A part of me was calling for growth, balance, and transformation, which is exactly what I received from the " Energy Makeover " work Liliana and I did together. During our long distance phone sessions it became immediately obvious to me that Liliana could literally see the imbalances that existed in me and various aspects of my life, and was able to teach and guide me to correct them. Her approach is very practical and highly effective. I received skills which I implement on a daily basis and they make a big difference in all areas of my life. Liliana is the real thing. A highly skilled healer that our world needs.

Jane Coppola, RN
Registered Nurse Manager
San Jose, CA

I cannot recommend enough doing an Energy Makeover with Liliana. For me, it was utterly transformative.

I liken the Energy Makeover with Liliana to having a personal trainer for your soul and spirit. You meet regularly 8 times and in between you do exercises that she has taught you. Of course you can exercise on your own (spiritually and physically) but working with a trainer gives you a tremendous boost—Liliana makes sure that you are doing things correctly, helps you, and teaches you new, often customized intuitive and energetic exercises that renew you everyday. What's more, with her you can do so much more than you could by yourself, speeding up the learning curve toward wellness.

I have experienced tremendous physical and spiritual healing; feel lighter, happier and more wholesome; and am much closer to God. I also have learned how to maintain this on my own, "keeping in shape" so to speak. Liliana is never judgmental, always kind, and forever playful. She has helped me to take myself less seriously while enabling me to confront bad habits and negative patterns. I laugh more, live in greater peace, and have experienced a renewal of energy, creativity, and wellness that I have never before felt in my life in this way. Seriously consider investing in the blessing of Liliana's Energy Makeover!

Deborah Fields, Ph. D.

I recently completed an Energy Makeover with Liliana. The reason I committed to this powerful program was to spiritually transform myself by way of self-discovery, to learn energy management skills, and to make sense of some critical life issues that I am facing. The results were much more than I can describe. I found dimensions of myself that I had long forgotten or neglected to honor. I connected to a level of consciousness I thought was out of reach for me. And ultimately, I am realizing a sense of peace in my mind and heart that I have never experienced. I feel that I grew spiritually ten-fold!

Liliana is an exceptional teacher – kind, patient, witty, sincere, and highly insightful. I have consulted a few other intuitive professionals before, but by far, Liliana has the most profound repertoire of tools to offer those of us travelling the road to self-empowered, higher existence. Thank you, Liliana!

Candace S.
San Jose, CA

Liliana, I want to thank you again for everything that you have taught me.

I was referred to Liliana by a very close friend of mine. I still remember that I was very emotional, unhappy, and angry at myself for no reason. I considered myself financially stable, had a great occupation, was physically healthy, had family and friends who care about me. I knew I should be thankful for what I had and yet I often felt lost and stuck, carried the feelings of hopelessness, helplessness, worthlessness inside me and could not explain why… I found myself repeatedly defeating myself, constantly comparing myself with others, and blaming myself harshly for not being good enough. These things were getting worse and started to affect the quality of my life negatively.

After my initial consultation and couple follow ups with Liliana, I began my Energy Makeover sessions with her. I was determined to move on from my past and make a change in my life. Learning from Liliana was the greatest and most important discovery and experience I had in my life.

Liliana listened patiently and taught me carefully, effectively, and generously the mysteries of working with the intuition and energy. I was always amazed to learn how our body and mind, in fact, are teaching us the wisdom of life. I followed Liliana’s instructions each time and practiced diligently the techniques. During the Energy Makeover process, I began to learn how to love and accept myself. My faith in the Divine of the Universe is strengthened again because I came to realize that I was never left alone or behind. None of us were. We spent too much time chasing after things that we thought we wanted, but paid too little attention to our own intuition.

With Liliana’s guidance, I was able to achieve a total energy transformation and was happy to see all my problems go away miraculously. I feel inner peace and experience the flow of positive energy coming from inside of me and just lifts me up with love, joy and happiness. The way I look at myself now is that my value is no longer based on how other people think about me. I can now be my own captain, design and create a new life that is purposeful, meaningful, and enjoyable.

Liliana is honest, patient, kind, sincere, truly gifted in helping people with multitude of problems, in miraculous ways. She is extremely passionate in what she does. I believe things happen for a reason and it is always amazing to see how people come into our lives and how things happen at certain timing.

Based on my great experience working with Liliana, I definitely would refer others to her.
Anne T
HR Director
Los Angeles, California