Liliana's comprehensive intuitive consultations are detailed and equally accurate when done in person or on the phone/Skype. She has clients from all walks of life in the USA and internationally.

She uses clairvoyance, combined with clairaudience, clairsentience and claircognizance, to "see" the human energy system (chakras, aura), and physical, emotional, mental, relational, situational and spiritual issues.

Soul Journey Consultations

As we mature, we inevitably ask ourselves "Why am I here? What did I come here to do? What are my special gifts? How am I called to serve?"

This consultation facilitates personal transformation and spiritual development. We explore the purpose of your incarnation, and examine how much energy is directed to fulfilling the ego's agenda versus the agenda of the soul. We look at developmental trends; relationships; beliefs, attitudes, and inherited personal truths; self-concept, level of spiritual development, level of interest in seeing the larger picture; past lives, energy dynamics and karmic ties influencing current relationships; money, career; level of courage, alignment with personal truth, openness of heart, giving and receiving love, compassion, appreciation; level/use of intuition, level of creativity and the longing of the soul.

By eliminating outdated programming and negative energies from the cellular memory levels of organs, systems, chakras and ancestral lines, cleansing, restructuring and recharging the chakras, and expelling "ecology" (entities, thought-forms, etc.) from the auric field, one can embark on a new life. In order to empower you to maintain your new energetic configuration, I provide instruction in intuitive and energetic self-maintenance techniques, such as energy management, energy hygiene, extra-sensory awareness training and multi-sensory development.

Energetics of Relationships Consultations

Throughout our lives, we belong to many communities, created by family ties or by voluntary affiliation or necessity. We play many roles : romantic partner, spouse, parent, child, sibling, friend or business colleague. Vital, inescapable, complex, rewarding or demanding, relationships present challenges and opportunities for Personal Evolution. Often, we suffer needlessly because we act automatically rather than consciously, due to action-reaction; family programming, social indoctrination, distorted personal perceptions of life, or "being asleep."

This consultation provides a detailed portrait of the energetic dynamics of the relationship in question. We examine respective levels of spiritual development, self-awareness, energetic status; past events, programming, ego issues, and relational agendas; shared lessons, which may originate in past lives, mutual karma, and the journey of the soul. Liliana discerns where you lose energy, where you gain energy; where you are supported, where and how you are depleted. Liliana mentors communication from a soul-stand point, teaching energy management/hygiene, energetic conflict resolution, and energetic balancing/harmonization of relationships to create conscious, deliberate and fulfilling personal and professional relationships.

Personal relationships: evaluating family members' energy dynamics, energy compatibility evaluation of a potential long-term partner, energetic balancing/harmonization of relationships, energetic facilitation of relationship dissolution, or achieving closure for one that has already ended.

Business relationships: energetically evaluating employees to create compatible teams, performing a work place energetic make-over, optimizing the energies of principals to facilitate an organization's progress, recommending optimal timing for events, healing consciousness about money, career versus vocation, etc.

Medical Educational Intuitive Consultations

Using intuitive skills for the purposes of health and wellness is called medical intuition. During a consultation, also known as a "reading", the whole person - outer life context, energy system, significant relationships, belief systems, and inner spiritual life - is observed in order to identify the root cause of an illness (whether environmental, incident–related, emotional, or psycho–spiritual). Through knowing the root cause, many gain clarity on the path to walk and the steps to take, so as to heal and otherwise cultivate health and wellness. An energetic assessment is an evaluation tool, which recognizes that illness is not an isolated biochemical or physiological disturbance, but rather, a life event that is experienced at many levels of the being – mind, body, heart, and spirit – and that also may have a symbolic aspect. Where applicable, eliminating the energetic root cause of illness – through awareness, lifestyle changes, energy work, and spiritual transformation – optimizes health and, in doing so, helps prevent disease. If a physical condition already has manifested, working energetically promotes healing on many levels, may prevent further reoccurrences or complications, and promotes personal transformation. Liliana advises people to ALWAYS integrate intuitive and energetic healing with conventional Western medicine, in the interest of drawing from the strengths of both systems.

During a medical intuitive consultation there is no physician-patient relationship, nor is any medical treatment, nor psychotherapy being performed. Rather, the individual is empowered to address areas of imbalance and create a life of vibrant health, self-fulfillment, and personal transformation. Liliana does not practice medicine, psychotherapy, nor gives prescriptions. Her medical and scientific research background uniquely supports her intuitive abilities, bridging the realms of Science and Spirit. She brings awareness to the fact that symptoms of illness are part of our intuition network alerting us when something in our lives is out of balance. She educates clients in using their intuition and managing their subtle energies, and provides suggestions designed to restore energetic balance, increase vitality, promote healing, harmonize relationships and catalyze personal transformation.

Content and scope of readings vary greatly from one medical intuitive to the next. Some medical intuitives do readings focused on soul journeys, others on relationships and emotions associated with illness, and a very few on the whole conglomerate of information from every  aspect of our complex, multidimensional nature – physical, energetic, emotional, mental, spiritual, professional, financial, relational (having to do with relationships and energetic dynamics), situational (having to do with circumstances and contexts), and so on. The majority of medical intuitves do readings only, and the majority of energy medicine practitioners do healings only. Only a very small number of practitioners are proficient in both readings and healings.

Liliana not only offers all these dimensions of work, but she takes the work one step further by teaching her clients to do it themselves. It is important to her that her  clients are independent and empowered; that they can participate in sessions and take responsibility for their own healing; and that they can get to know themselves on a profound level, master their energy systems and evolve from there. Through this kind of approach, the work is comparable to teaching people not only how to fish but also how to build fishing poles and teach their children how to fish. 

Liliana believes that the gold standard of medical intuition and energy medicine work should be as follows:

• to offer clear and thorough consent forms explaining that medical intuition and energy medicine are not intended to replace, but rather to complement, conventional Western medicine, therefore urging clients to consult with their physicians;

• to do a reading in the interest of assessing, in precise detail, where the energy imbalances are and what their causes are, and to determine how these imbalances can be corrected;

• to implement the appropriate energetic healing techniques, so as to return clients to balance; and

• to simultaneously teach the techniques to the clients, so they are empowered and can work independently on themselves, facilitating the process of self discovery, self mastery, self healing, and self transformation.

Initial Consultation includes:

1. An educational segment regarding the human energy system

2. A detailed intuitive "reading" of :

• the configuration, energies and information stored in 12 major chakras and seven layers of the aura

• the energies stored in the physical organs and systems of the body, cellular memories stored in tissues - an "energy body scan"

• the status and level of integration of the various bodies – physical, vital/ etheric, emotional, mental and spiritual/ universal

• associated mental, emotional, relational, situational, ego, and spiritual issues potentially associated with a medical condition

• energy dynamic of various relationships, as well as life circumstances that may be having an impact on health

• issues related to the navigation of the soul’s journey, level of consciousness, purpose of incarnation, traumas, career and financial issues

• correlations with past lives, ancestral blood lines, archetypes at play, various attachments, thought forms, beliefs, the ability to love, level of aggressiveness, and more

• a discussion of the energy changes perceived, physical conditions and causatively associated emotional, mental, relational, situational, and spiritual issues

• suggestions and instructions as to what the person can do from an energetic point of view (complementary to what they are doing with their doctors) to restore energetic balance, increase vitality, promote healing, harmonize relationships, and catalyze personal transformation

3. An energy healing segment to "jump start" an energy makeover.

There are myriad variables that may contribute to one’s health condition. It is important to identify and explore each and every one of these variables. The work requires time and care. While the average reading of medical intuitives lasts between half hour and one hour, Liliana's average initial reading lasts three hours, and she stays longer if necessary, at no extra cost, if the case is complex.

Follow-Up Energy Medicine Mentoring/Coaching Sessions includes:

• learning about the structure and function of the human energy system (the chakras, the aura) and how to practically use it for improving physical health, creating positive relationships, enhancing creativity, gaining increased mental clarity, and supporting spiritual transformation

• learning and applying intuitive and energetic self healing techniques - higher sense perception techniques and assessment methods, developing energy hygiene and energy maintenance skills and creating personal energy system changes (an "Energy Makeover") using tools such as meditation, visualization, prayer, conscious breathing exercises, colors, sounds and aromas

• completing assigned "homework" which consists of practical exercises of intuitive and energetic self-regulation techniques and reading of related materials, to accelerate the process of self discovery, self mastery, and self transformation.

Spirit Communications - Using the process of mediumship and a combination of intuitive techniques:

After Death Communication

Communicating with the souls of the dead is natural. Liliana sees, hears, accepts them, and they use the opportunity to communicate freely through her. In sessions with clients, the dead communicate spontaneously and present detailed information that Liliana has no way of knowing and that the clients confirm as being accurate. The clients are happy to ask questions and get answers, to visit with their dear departed ones, and also internally resolve relationship issues, long–standing conflicts, resentments, misunderstandings, and hurts; express and receive love, and forgiveness; and otherwise have closure – leading to alleviation of suffering, soothing of the heart, and moving from a place of grief or inner-conflict to one of healing, peace, and compassion. It is possible to dialog not only with the dead who show up randomly, but also with those whom we directly “call up”, just as if dialing them on the phone. One does not need any special meditation, trance, preparation, or surroundings to have such conversations. There is no way of simplistically understanding life and death. These matters are mysterious, multi–faceted, and interconnected. Just like it is important for us to learn to live life consciously, it is equally important to learn to prepare energetically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually for a fine exist and a conscious transition into the afterlife. 

Communication with the Spirit of the Unborn Child

Our in utero experience appears to strongly impact us. Negative in utero experiences have repercussions for our physical and mental health, our relationships and choices throughout life. Individuals regressed hypnotically, shared detailed memories of their experiences before conception, during pregnancy and during birth. They were conscious of whether the mother’s pregnancy was planned and the baby was welcome; what were the character, behavior, life circumstances, and relationship dynamics of the parents; what were the mental and emotional states of the mother, whose feelings were experienced as the baby’s own; and what were the past lives and karmic connections between the baby and the parents/ family. In some cases, memories were verified with family members.

Regardless of whether a baby will turn into the next Einstein if exposed to classical music in the womb, the souls of unborn babies definitely are aware of their environments during pregnancy. For this reason, conscious conception, pregnancy, delivery, and parenting are important. Liliana dialogues with unborn babies using intuitive techniques. The responses come by "hearing" thoughts telepathically, as understood in any language, "seeing" images, and feeling their emotions. Among other things, this process helps with gaining information on how to optimize the health and well being of mother and baby – before, during, and after the birthing process.

Animal Communication

Animals are conscious, intelligent, sensitive and communicative beings, with distinct personalities, longings, preferences, emotions, joys, and fears.  Some people have claimed that animals do not have souls. One simply needs to look in the eyes of an animal, however, to know with certainty that this assertion is false.  For this reason, it is critical that we treat them with love, respect, compassion, and kindness, as we would like to be treated ourselves and as we ideally would treat another human being. Liliana communicates with animals using intuitive techniques by asking questions and receiving answers – "hearing" messages telepathically, "seeing" movie-like images of what animals are conveying, or feeling physical sensations of what they are going through.  Pets take upon themselves the emotions and illnesses of their human family. They can have grievances about what food they eat and how they are treated. Animals can also offer us advice, encouragement, love, and compassion.  By communicating directly with animals, we can alleviate their suffering by treating them more thoughtfully, and attending better to her physical and emotional needs. Animals respond to various forms of energy medicine and some veterinarians recommend these.

How Liliana's Work is Unique

Thoroughness: Liliana provides detailed, comprehensive readings describing everything that she sees, provides her interpretations, and concentrates on discovering the root causes of any energetic imbalance that led to an illness or a situation, so it can be effectively addressed at an energy level. Consultations are solution-oriented.

Value: In order to provide a comprehensive energetic portrait, an initial consultation requires approximately 3 hours, or longer in some cases. Many practitioners typically offer half-hour or hour long sessions, less comprehensive and at higher rates.

Empowerment through Education: Consultations and mentoring sessions include instruction in techniques to achieve an "Energy Makeover", maintain new energetic status, and make self-adjustments as needed. Parents are encouraged to teach their own children, thus contributing to the emergence of the new life paradigm that incorporates energy in the equation.

Connections: Liliana directs clients to appropriate conventional medicine physicians, as well as integrative and naturopathic medicine physicians, for medical diagnosis and treatment, and also to practitioners of alternative and complementary healing modalities.

Integrity: Nothing is done during a consultation or mentoring session without clients' awareness. They are actively engaged in the process, learning and applying intuitive and energetic techniques. Liliana encourages personal responsibility for wellness by giving "homework" in the form of energetic self-regulation techniques and reading of related materials.

Office Consultations: Clients are encouraged to arrive 15 minutes early. A session is considered commenced only after Liliana reviews and approves the completed consent form.

Phone: Clients receive via E-mail or Fax a consent form which they complete and send back together with the payment. After an appointment is set, clients are asked to call her at the appointed day/time, keeping in mind the time zone difference.

3 hours initial medical educational intuitive consultation (if the case is complex, additional time may be necessary)                    

2 hour follow-up energy medicine mentoring/coaching sessions, soul journey consultation, or energetics of relationships consultation (personal and business)

1 hour spirit communication session (after death communication, communication with the spirit of the unborn child, animal communication)

Cancellations: 48 hours prior notice.

Disclaimer: The information provided during a medical educational intuitive consultation, an energy medicine mentoring/coaching session, educational lecture or workshop is intended to complement, not replace, the advice of your own physician and/or other health care professional. Always consult with your doctor about your individual needs and any symptoms that may require diagnosis or medical attention and before starting or ceasing any medication, course of treatment, exercise regimen, or diet.